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Honoring Our Elders: Florida Sets the Bar on Senior Care

Baby Boomers have evolved into the largest senior population our nation has ever seen. Now, with more of us living longer, children are taking on the role of caregivers. But, with living longer, comes a variety of trends that require us to re-examine and re-define how we take care of our seniors.

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18th Century Economics Impacts 21st Century Cardiology

I’ve been attending the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions this week, and the discussions have me thinking about economics. Thinking about the drug-pricing debate? No. The Google-AHA $50 Million funding collaboration reminds me of 18th century theory applied toward a better, healthier future.


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A Communicator’s Path to a Successful IPO

The discipline of planning and executing a clear and controlled communications campaign for an IPO holds companies in great stead. They will not only build IPO credentials, they also build the necessary frameworks for other exits and liquidity events.

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Fundamentals for the Bubble

All of the buzz around the inflated tech sector, number of unicorns with $1B valuations, and bubble or bust jitters from VCs and industry observers is enough to make your head spin. What will happen? What does this mean for 2016 and how do we, as a technology practice, plan?

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Breaking up is hard to do…

But… for what looks like will be a painful split between HPE and HP Inc., this could be the best chance the company has to survive a Silicon Valley relationship.

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