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A Tale of Two Cities… and a Pack Mentality

On CBS This Morning I heard of a five-hour traffic jam at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Soon after was a segment on how woefully pathetic Washington, DC’s snow removal service has been compared to New York City’s. This was the fourth or fifth segment I had heard on different networks and provided another example of the pack mentality that permeates journalism today.

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  • Views January 13, 2016
A New Year’s Climate Resolution

We all make new year’s resolutions -- lose weight, get healthy, organize the closet, etc. They’re good – they create a burst of self-improvement. My idea is to do something a bit different this year - to tap into our innate desire to do more and to resolve to care more. Apparently, I’m not alone, and if you’ve seen the new Kleenex ads, you’ll know what I mean. 


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  • Views December 9, 2015
How Should We Measure Healthcare Quality

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that healthcare spending in the U.S. was $3 trillion last year – that’s trillion with a “t”. Are we getting our money’s worth? This question was discussed at a Washington, DC, breakfast conversation sponsored by PoliticoPro and CVSHealth, and it is a topic of discussion and consternation in the healthcare community.


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Honoring Our Elders: Florida Sets the Bar on Senior Care

Baby Boomers have evolved into the largest senior population our nation has ever seen. Now, with more of us living longer, children are taking on the role of caregivers. But, with living longer, comes a variety of trends that require us to re-examine and re-define how we take care of our seniors.

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  • Views November 11, 2015
18th Century Economics Impacts 21st Century Cardiology

I’ve been attending the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions this week, and the discussions have me thinking about economics. Thinking about the drug-pricing debate? No. The Google-AHA $50 Million funding collaboration reminds me of 18th century theory applied toward a better, healthier future.


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  • Views November 9, 2015
A Communicator’s Path to a Successful IPO

The discipline of planning and executing a clear and controlled communications campaign for an IPO holds companies in great stead. They will not only build IPO credentials, they also build the necessary frameworks for other exits and liquidity events.

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