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How do you Like Them Apples?

You may be familiar with Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” campaign, which was subsequently countered by Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign a few years ago. These ads truly resonate with those of us who see the technology we choose and use daily as an extension of our personas and style. We put ourselves squarely in one camp or the other, PC or Mac.


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Are We Ready to Humanize the Automobile?

Every Monday evening on my walk home from the office, I pass by a beautiful 1969 Shelby Mustang. Wait one second, did I just call a car beautiful? Yes, I did. Any car fanatic will tell you that whether you are at a local car show or viewing the latest spy photographs of a new model release, we tend to assign human characteristics to our favorite vehicles. While we all know cars are not humans, the introduction of autonomous vehicle technology has started to blur the lines.


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Is Anyone Out There Listening?

Watching the presidential debates and witnessing the ensuing personal debates happening in person and on Facebook between friends and family, has me frustrated. The major reason? It seems like no one really takes the time to listen to each other. We should take a minute and re-evaluate the importance of listening.


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The “Uber of” is over… Don’t Be Like Uber… Be Like You

If you were on any form of social media over this weekend, you probably noticed that people were generating and sharing passive aggressive memes and sharing them with their followers. These memes were generated based off of the viral Be like Bill meme that show how Bill is a far superior internet user than everyone else. i.e. “Bill doesn't use hashtags on every post. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.”


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