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Hope v Hype

“Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Imminent After Harvard Stem Cell Breakthrough.” I’ve seen these headlines on Facebook (FB) before, often rolling my eyes and moving along. When I saw that FB headline on Sunday, I reacted differently.

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  • News October 13, 2015
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Moments & Reactions

Facebook and Twitter are notorious testers -- they're constantly rolling out soft tests of new site functionality while leaving most users in the dark. 

Last week, both social channels launched new features that we hope are here to stay: Facebook Reactions and Twitter Moments. 

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  • News September 22, 2015
Chicago New Hires for FP Health

We announced today the appointment of Ovidio Torres as partner, and Kristen Berry, associate vice president, as part of the our growing national Health Practice. Both will be based in the agency’s Chicago office.


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  • Views September 21, 2015
Take a Gamble on Wearables

From fitness trackers and smart watches, to clothing with built-in sensors, wearables are entering the market at an increasingly rapid rate. When will one device be enough to accurately track all of our data? What is the point of tracking all of this data and how can it make an impact on our lives beyond letting us know how many steps we take a day?

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  • News September 10, 2015
Finn Partners Acquires Horn Group

I’m very pleased to announce that we have finalized an agreement to acquire Horn Group, a well-known NY and San Francisco based agency specializing in tech PR. We’re excited to bring Founder Sabrina Horn -- one of the tech industry’s most highly regarded luminaries – into the fold.


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  • Views September 8, 2015
Communication is Part of the Care – Insights into Effective Advocacy

In recent years, the U.S. health care system has undergone massive change - from patient care to medical e-records to drug formularies and, most recently, access to insurance coverage. It is often a major challenge navigating this evolving system, and individual experience depends heavily on one’s role and function within the system - provider, payer, policymaker, pharma or patient.

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  • Views August 27, 2015
Will You Still Love Me When the Bill Arrives?

In the past months, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for market a steady stream of acknowledged breakthrough medicines for hepatitis C, LDL cholesterol and cancer immuno-therapy. The Agency has affirmed that it is approving drugs at a consistent pace. But what makes a new medicine “innovative?”


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