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Our UK E-Health Week Highlights

This week, Finn Partners Europe FPHealth attended HIMSS’ UK e-Health Week in London. Supported by National Health Service (NHS) England, UK e-Health Week aimed to showcase the latest in e-health innovations and discuss the digital roadmap of the UK healthcare system - and it did not disappoint.

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UK E-Health Week hot topic: Is a paperless NHS by 2020 feasible?

Finn Partners Europe is at HIMSS’ UK E-Health Week this week, tapping into the topics and issues facing the British healthcare industry. Front of mind at the event, poised to tackle digital transformation in the UK’s public health care system, is how to make the entire National Health Service paperless by 2020.

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Sometimes, They Listen

I don’t know about you, but these days when I pick up my tablet to read the newspaper, I am disheartened to see so many instances where Americans are rejecting the lessons research and science are trying to teach us.

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Spring Brake

9:07 PM. The blinking cursor in my empty PR plan is taunting me. To distract myself, I look away from the screen to my desk that is usually neat, but has now morphed into an embarrassing smorgasbord of Goldfish crackers, Fig Newtons, and Diet Coke cans. My dinner. #sad


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Pets in the Workplace

My favorite coworker is hairy, lays under my desk and loves belly rubs. Meet Louie, he’s my officemate with four paws and the unofficial Finn Partners New York office mascot.


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Finn Partners Europe exhibiting at UK E-Health Week

The Finn Partners health team is exhibiting at UK E-Health Week next week (19th-20th April), where more than 3,000 health and care professionals and IT suppliers will descend upon London's Olympia to discuss the latest digital innovations in healthcare.

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