Ulrica Griffiths

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

I’ve accumulated extensive communications management experience in various sectors, including consumer goods, tourism, education, IT, nursery, toys, games, publishing, retail, construction, robotics, and more. Along the way, I’ve had the honour of earning three industry awards. I’ve also successfully overseen PR in challenging situations such as M&A, litigation and product recalls. Some notable brands I’ve had the privilege of working with include LEGO, Kosmos, Stokke, Studio 100, Destination New South Wales, Braun, Saint-Gobain and Generation Robots.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.

- George Addair

How'd you get here?

Having a curious and entrepreneurial mind, during my time at university, I had extended work stints in the UK and Germany whilst also experimenting with the internet and programming my own website. Back then, this was unusual for someone with a Masters in English but the ideal starting point for venturing into the world of tech PR at an agency in Munich. The need for digital-savvy PR people in-house led me to Mattel and then LEGO. After 20 years leading my own PR company, I knew the next step needed to be a larger setup from which I can deliver holistic, integrated communications solutions. Joining Finn Partners enables me to do that and I look forward to collaborating with amazing sector and service experts.