Nicole Cottrill

Senior Partner, Health Provider Services Leader

Professional Experience

I’ve honed my career at the center of the nation’s “health hubs” from Cambridge to Nashville – from the heart of drug discovery where I managed a healthcare practice to the pulse of healthcare delivery here at DVL Seigenthaler, one of our firm’s major centers for health communications. That geographic journey allows me to be part of teams that tackle pressing health challenges from health reform and pharmacogenomics to physician and nurse shortages and healthcare disparities.

Like my other colleagues at Finn Partners, we are here to make a difference in the world. One of my other life passions is The Solly and Sammy Foundation for Peace, which eliminates senseless acts of violence and unnecessary suffering. As a health professional, I know that awareness, understanding and action help people live their life’s potential. That is why I’m dedicated to this industry sector, my clients and colleagues – this collaborative spirit can improve our nation’s wellbeing.

Great health communications comes from understanding and making content dynamic and meaningful to people’s lives.

How'd you get here?

My career journey has taken me inside the halls of healthcare delivery and inside the laboratories of scientists creating cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and technologies. I’ve held positions at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland. Pharma innovation, provider systems, policies, payer requirements and patient concerns are part of my professional DNA.

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