Marina Stenos

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

How do we navigate the complexity of today’s world—a world in peril and yet also filled with incredible promise and opportunity? Education. Education is the key that not only unlocks our collective potential, it paves our individual paths to opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to give voice to the personal and professional achievements of literal rocket scientists. Visionaries whose work has landed us on the Moon, Mars and beyond; innovators who inspire young people to pursue their wildest ambitions and take on the world’s greatest challenges. My work in the education sector has allowed me unique opportunities to support leading philanthropies, private and corporate foundations and global NGOs. The PreK-12 Education team gets to take on everything from public policy initiatives aimed at creating greater equity in classrooms to establishing new standards for science education so that our children are equipped to meet the world of tomorrow. Working with clients whose focus is making the world a better place is a privilege that makes every day meaningful. Whether it’s pulling together an award-winning advocacy campaign to inspire historically underrepresented students to pursue STEM careers or supporting an NGO focused on ensuring every child, no matter their social status or geography, has access to a high-quality education we work to clarify messages, reach the right audiences and drive them to action that improve outcomes and move the needle on some of the most entrenched challenges of our day.

There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.

- Audre Lorde

How'd you get here?

I’ve had one goal since I was a fifth grader in a New York City Public School and my English teacher, Ms. Cohn, singled out my short story as the best in the class: become a professional writer. It became a single-minded pursuit, a private journey that took shape as I navigated life as a hyphenated American in the greatest city in the world. With hard work, some luck and the support of incredible mentors I found myself doing public relations work for one of the world’s leading technical associations—a unique opportunity that had me interviewing Fortune 50 CEOs and translating highly technical science and engineering concepts into compelling stories that inspired students to envision their futures as STEM professionals. It’s been an amazing experience that has had too many ‘pinch me’ moments to name and we’re not done yet!

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