Julian Tyndale-Biscoe

Senior Partner, Health

Professional Experience

With a degree in economics I initially worked as a stockbroker then financial journalist and magazine editor before landing in the health sector. I have been lucky enough to have interviewed and met some truly inspirational leaders in the sector. Over the last 14 years the agency I founded has worked with some of the largest and smallest companies providing services to the NHS. Every client deserves a bespoke approach, and this has given me a wide range of professional experience, whether this is distilling technical details into easily understood factsheets, or helping clients navigate their way past a negative front-page story in the Daily Mail.

Beside the nettle, ever grows the cure for its sting.

Mary Seacole

How'd you get here?

Having left University, my first job was as a stockbroker. It was clear I was not destined for success in the City when I overslept and came into work late on Black Wednesday 1992. So, I reinvented myself as a journalist and ended up working in magazine publishing for the next ten years or so. My last job in publishing was editing a magazine for family doctors, and the health sector captivated me. I went to work for a fast-growing start-up in the sector, and then a couple of years later set up a new communications agency. My aim was to ensure our clients were getting the best insight into journalism, tools for practical awareness raising, and health sector expertise. That continues to this day.