Professional Experience

I’m a marketing and communications professional with four years’ experience in financial communications. As part of the financial services team at Finn Partners in London, which I joined in 2020, I deliver specialist public relations and communications services for a number of large global clients.

Areas of particular focus include infrastructure finance, trade finance, energy, sustainability and innovation in banking.

My experience in marketing and communications also extends to the academic field – I obtained a Masters in Advertising & Marketing from Leeds University Business School in 2019 and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Malta in 2017. As part of my MA, I authored a study analysing brand merger strategies from a brand equity perspective.

“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.” – Oscar Wilde

How'd you get here?

What I love about this job, and about the sector in general, is the unique way it combines the cold hard world of business strategy and the artistic world of communications. When the balance is right, the results can be great.