Dru Anderson

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

My early professional career at an investment banking firm provided the right background to pivot to investor relations.  For over 25 years, I have worked with public companies in a variety of industries, helping them effectively communicate with their investors and the financial community. Each client has a unique message and growth strategy, and it is my job to help them communicate their story as a compelling investment opportunity.  Over the years, I have developed strong client relationships, and it is gratifying to work with senior management and create an effective investor relations program that delivers greater value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

What we know matters, but who we are matters more.

- Brene Brown

How'd you get here?

I landed in Nashville as a college student at Vanderbilt University, where I concentrated my studies in the unlikely combination of Economics and Fine Arts.  I worked on a trading desk and later as an analyst for a regional investment banking firm, J.C. Bradford, which was acquired by UBS.  Following graduate school for an MBA, I joined other J.C. Bradford alums who founded Corporate Communications and began my career in investor relations.  In 2019, we reached out to Beth Courtney in the Nashville office to explore a possible partnership, which led us to officially join Finn Partners.  We share a common, entrepreneurial spirit that drives us every day to deliver value to our clients, and we are honored to join this amazing and talented team of communications professionals.