Debbie Flynn

Managing Partner, Global Travel Practice Leader
+44 20 7326 9880

Professional Experience

With over 38 years in the travel industry my experience has been unbelievably varied. From checking people in at Terminal 1, to being a tri-star stewardess, to experience in sales, marketing and PR, my 10 years at BA gave me the foundations for the remainder of my career in travel and tourism PR and Marketing. I learned my trade not just from professional PR qualifications but through experiencing real life in so many departments. And since then, having grown the Brighter business from 2 people to 22 and survived many financial downturns and clients in crisis, there probably isn’t any area of travel PR and marketing I haven’t had a hand in!

To travel is to live.

- Hans Christian Andersen

How'd you get here?

Travel was always an ambition for me, inspired by my favourite Aunty Bess who lived in so many glamorous countries while we spent idyllic childhood holidays in Devon. I surprised my school by applying successfully to join British Airways as a management trainee at 16 and a half, I was the only pupil to leave before A levels! And there began my life in travel, an amazing 10 years at BA led me to become an entrepreneur at 26 when I set up my first business. And today, over 23 years after founding Brighter, my horizons are now global and I am as excited about the new opportunities to both influence travel trade and consumer audiences, and tick off a few more places on my bucket list, as I ever was.

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