Chris Edwards

Senior Partner, Executive Creative Director

Professional Experience

During my 25+ years in the ad industry I’ve been lucky enough to do some great work on a wide range of national accounts like AT&T, Monster, Southern Comfort, Pearle Vision, Century 21 and The Hartford. And while I’m probably most known for two McDonald’s spots that went viral (I’m into nugget’s ya’ll and Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fiiiiish), I’m most proud of the work I was lucky enough to develop for Truth, the long-running campaign targeting Big Tobacco, which was ranked one of the top 15 ad campaigns of the 21st century.

Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.

– Michael Scott

How'd you get here?

My dad was in the advertising biz and when I was little, he’d bring me into the agency sometimes. I remember they’d just pitched Molsen Golden and he showed me the conference room, which they had turned into a full blown pub, and I thought hmmmm. Cut to years later, after a short stint in TV production and even shorter stint as a furniture salesman, I built a career as a copywriter/creative director at Arnold Worldwide. I left there to write and publish my memoir, BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some, which got me into public speaking and put me on the keynote circuit. One of the events I spoke at was a PR forum in NY, where Peter Finn was in the audience. As fate would have it, a position opened up in the Boston Office and here I am.

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