People often ask me what it is about this place that’s kept me and many of my colleagues around for more than a decade. It’s what’s embodied in the Finn Partners mission to be the best place in the industry to work. A number of tangibles and intangibles underpin our philosophy—that happy, motivated people do their best work and enjoy positive relationships with colleagues and clients.

I spent the first two years of my career in an all-tech, boutique PR firm in Boulder, Colorado, fascinated by the height of the boom and wondering how in the world companies with little or no revenue could command tens and hundreds of millions from venture capitalists and public markets. I got my first taste of the electric atmosphere of Silicon Valley and had the opportunity to work with a few technology and telecom leaders, such as Worldcom, Sprint and Baan Software, a business software provider that ignited a passion for enterprise technology.

That passion brought me back home to Chicago to work for a budding B2B and enterprise technology practice that I now help to lead. Though I’ve worked with B2B companies of all kinds, from LexisNexis to electronics manufacturer Morey Corporation, my particular emphasis and expertise is helping to build the brands of business software and services companies through a mix of techniques for product, category and thought leadership.

My perspective comes from having developed and executed comprehensive, award-wining PR and integrated marketing programs for companies of all sizes, from industry leaders such as Teradata, SPSS, Exel, APL Logistics, Fleetmatics and SunGard to a number of exciting challenger brands that live in the cloud.

Deep domain knowledge in enterprise software and services and multiple vertical industries help the team and I serve in a true strategic role for our clients, with informed insights and effective, long-term influencer relationships.


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