Beth Friedman

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

My professional experience includes work with hospitals, health systems, medical groups, health IT vendors, associations, and marketing agencies. I’ve experienced the healthcare industry from every aspect. And walked in many shoes.

Over the years, my contributions have been as varied as the healthcare settings I’ve experienced. They include clinical coding, data analytics, sales, marketing, media relations, and senior leadership.

Two healthcare degrees coupled with three decades in the industry brings unique value to our firm’s customers, colleagues, and the healthcare media we serve.

Sometimes life gets bad, but then it gets good again.

- Mable Clupper (my grandmother)

How'd you get here?

High school assignments have a sneaky way of informing career decisions. When asked to write a paper about health or science careers, I discovered health information. And I’ve never looked back.

From hospitals to health IT vendors and PR agencies, working in healthcare energizes me. It’s my mission and the industry I’ll always called home.

Professional twists and turns led me to launch a healthcare marketing and PR firm in 2005. Some might say I found my dharma: the intersection of my interest (healthcare) and my skills (public relations) to serve myself and others.

It’s been an amazing career and life’s work—one that I share everyday at FINN Partners.

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