Allyne Mills

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

Over the past 25 years I’ve built and led in-house corporate communications functions for publicly traded companies, spearheaded transformative programs for Fortune 200 technology businesses and helped run public relations agencies. At FINN Partners I’ve driven multifaceted, strategic communications programs for Siemens USA, IEEE (world’s largest organization of technologists), BNY Mellon and diverse technology startups. These global and regional programs encompass executive thought leadership, content development and integrated storytelling across press, analysts, digital and social media, compelling research studies, speaking, awards and events. DXC Technologies, MasterCard, Microsoft, Novartis, Sony and Sharp Electronics are other major brands I’ve counseled. My entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed during a decade in the early video game industry, developing and running communications and investor relations for GT Interactive and Acclaim Entertainment, and helping to create the games rating system in use today.

Great ideas come from obsessively observing and listening.

- Kara Swisher

How'd you get here?

An optimistic realist, I’ve always gravitated to the undefined, uncharted, never done before. My father, a hard-working mechanical engineer, influenced my insatiable drive to make things make sense, give them shape, to solve and build. I’ve worked in nascent technology sectors as they were emerging, through successive market transitions, many technology inflection points, and yes, booms … and busts. Technology can be daunting to explain and understand. Its power can stem from great complexity or ingenuous simplicity, niche or mass acceptance. Creating new technology categories, knowing policy nuances, which words are meaningful and resonate to whom — how to position those messages and in what forms of media across which communications channels is all part of the strategic challenge that fuels me. Technology is rapidly changing, driving rapid global change and the whir is unendingly exhilarating!

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