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MintTwist Joins the FINN Family

April 12, 2021

FINN Partners has acquired MintTwist, a London-based, pan-European specialist focused on creating memorable digital experiences with clients, and to continue to build FINN’s presence in EMEA.

MintTwist’s Story:

In 1986 Elliott and Alexis went to the same school in London, England.  Although they were in different classes they both shared a passion for computer programming and more widely, for the quickly evolving ‘digital’ world around them. After graduating from University, they both took up jobs as programmers in the 1990’s. In 1999 both decided to setup for themselves; Elliott incorporated an IT Consultancy company working for large organisations and Alexis had started developing websites for local businesses under the MintTwist brand.

In 2007, they merged the brand and the company to form “MintTwist Ltd”, in order to serve medium sized and growth companies with high-value, cost-effective, design, development and (at the time) newly available digital marketing services.

By combining Digital Design and Development with SEO, Social Media and PPC Marketing services MintTwist quickly developed a reputation for turbo charging marketing results for clients. By practising what they preached, MintTwist grew their own business into a leading full-service digital agency in London and soon after expanded into Europe and the Middle East.

Throughout the years, platforms, channels and algorithms have evolved and changed but MintTwist have always been on hand to adapt strategy, tools and tactics for clients to ensure they are positioned to maximise the benefits that they can draw.

MintTwist have has always prided itself on being an inclusive, diverse and accepting team of experts, bonded by two key values; a passion for their respective digital specialisms and nurturing a friendly camaraderie – these things have helped to underpin constant and sustainable growth of the agency. In FINN Partners, we believe we have found a like-minded, happy home in which we and our clients can continue our mutually profitable growth stories.

So why did we join FINN Partners?

The last 14-years of growing MintTwist has been a blast; unbelievably challenging, hugely enjoyable and hugely rewarding on both a professional and personal level. This has been the case for both Alexis and Elliott, but more importantly for the vast majority of the entire MintTwist family – past and present.

Alexis and I have always been proud of the fact that MintTwist has, and continues to be, a birthplace and facilitator of extraordinary careers. As well as to our clients, we take our responsibility to the individuals that choose to work at MintTwist extremely seriously. In order to ensure that we continue to deliver on the individual and shared objectives of MintTwist employees and clients we knew that the time was right for us to find the right partner.

We set out in search of an organisation with shared values, a place that values diversity of thought, culture and skills. We were looking for home with similar ambitions; to be a sustainable growth focussed agency on a long-term mission of self and collective improvement to the benefit of existing and future clients.

After a lengthy and considered journey of vetting hundreds of prospective partners we were delighted to have found the perfect fit in the form of FINN Partners.

We’re excited to enter a new chapter of development within the partnership and to bring our digital skills, experiences and know-how to benefit our new family of colleagues and clients.