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March 11, 2021

What brings you joy?

I’m mesmerized by anything innovative with technology and art. I also absolutely love trying out anything new, whether that’s experiencing new cultures, taking part in a unique activity or tasting different cuisines. Other simple things that make me smile are sunny days, happy people, and playing on my DJ decks.


What are you looking forward to this year?

Travelling and catching up on lost time with family and friends. Right before the first lockdown I passed my driving test and had all these grand plans of driving everyone, everywhere! So hopefully this year I’ll be able to take all the road trips my friends and I have been dreaming about and do lots of mini staycations.


What key trend should we keep an eye on this year?

In terms of visuals, I think there’s going to be a shift with visual style when it comes to travel content across social media. I think the desire for more genuine content is going to grow and audiences will relish the imperfections.

Also, as social networks have surpassed search engines as the go-to product research channel for Gen Z, now more than ever, it’s important your social networks are treated with the upmost respect and protection. They can no longer be a dumping ground to upload every single piece of communication. Brands with watertight values and identities, who truly know who they are, will be the ones who catapult to success.

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POSTED BY: Anneka Roberts

Anneka Roberts