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Is growth in renewables slowing down, asks S&P Global Ratings

January 22, 2020

Thanks to a flurry of global investment, renewables capacity has soared for the past two decades. But then, in 2018, growth in renewables plateaued for the first time since 2001. 

In an article for BRINK News, Trevor d’Olier-Lees, Senior Director Infrastructure at S&P Global Ratings, explains the reasons for the momentary lapse of growth – arguing that fundamental market changes such as declining government support and technological risks have brought new complexities for infrastructure investors and technology providers to consider.

D’Olier-Lees writes: “S&P Global Platts Analytics still expects renewable additions to continue over the next two decades. Importantly, though, the recent hiatus of growth is a stark reminder to the market that an upward growth trajectory shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

Read the full article in BRINK News here.

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