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Building credibility and awareness: media relations for manufacturing brands

July 4, 2024

According to the GlobalSpec 2024 State of Marketing to Engineers report, trade publications, both online and print, are the second most popular information source for technical buyers (37% and 29%, respectively). Only supplier websites rank higher, with 41% of respondents turning to this source for information when researching a work-related purchase.

Trade publications are highly valued as they offer educational content and product information from multiple companies in one place. They also help technical audiences stay abreast of industry trends and gain third-party perspectives.

A disciplined and programmatic approach to generating earned media is essential for building and maintaining brand awareness. While editorial content shouldn’t be used for direct advertising, it is paramount for establishing thought leadership. Your company’s technical experts possess unique insights and knowledge. Leveraging their expertise establishes your brand as a trusted source within the industry and a go-to resource for solving sector challenges. Developing innovative storylines and interesting angles effectively educates prospects and customers, securing prominent media placements.

How media relations fit into the sales funnel

Strong and consistent media coverage and thought leadership positioning help generate interest among prospects and customers – driving growth. In the awareness stage of the sales funnel, PR coverage can significantly boost brand recognition. When prospects encounter a brand through thought leadership content, expert interviews, and trend-driven articles, they are more likely to consider its products and services.

For example, an educational article about innovative technology can spark initial interest. Prospects might then visit your website or attend a trade show booth to learn more about your offering. As they gather more information and evaluate their options, a consistent and positive media presence reassures them of your industry leadership and the reliability of your solutions. Ultimately, investing in media relations aims to create a seamless journey for prospects from awareness to decision-making, ensuring that your brand remains a preferred choice in their minds.



Successful Media Engagement Strategies

Successful media engagement can take many forms, from securing a feature in a leading trade publication to a well-timed press release that aligns with industry trends. Each media segment and publication has its unique preferences and editorial guidelines. Ensuring successful media engagement requires meticulous preparation, the right pitch, impeccable timing, and often, tailor-made content. The focus should be on creating content that is both relevant and timely.

At FINN Partners, our manufacturing team has the capabilities to help you build brand awareness and spark growth across a range of industries. Our team’s deep understanding of the manufacturing sector and strong relationships with key media outlets can significantly enhance your media relations strategy.

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