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4 social media tips during the pandemic

February 11, 2021

You don’t need to work in social media to know that social communication has been important to consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It acts as a unifier for communities, offers first line customer service, breaks news early, and offers a light-hearted distraction when needed most (thank you, TikTok).

During this time, it’s been important to remain agile, resilient, and confident in communications, from creating statements, to campaigns, media messaging and monitoring consumer sentiment. Below are some best practices we’ve learnt for social media during the pandemic.


Timing is everything.

Social listening is crucial. It is important not to come across tone-deaf by promoting content your audience isn’t ready for yet.

Social media is fast moving and so is the news agenda, especially at the moment. This means something that was discussed a couple of weeks ago could easily be out of date before going live. Keep an open conversation across relevant teams and stakeholders to make sure you’re identifying whether content is still appropriate before posting.


Shifting the voice of the brand.

It is important to have some stability for audiences in ever changing times but that being said, it can also be a time to unveil a new compassionate, human tone of voice for a brand. Think about freshening up social copy, dropping formality or even introducing emojis. Whatever the approach, it’s important to understand the audience and to give consumers the opportunity to identify with the company.


Remain active.

Even though we’re dealing with extremely challenging times, and knowing what is appropriate to post can seem like a minefield, remain active on social channels. The last thing you want is to be forgotten or left behind, so it’s important to keep social front and centre in all communications moving forward. Engaging with customers is going to really help when it comes to recovery.


Community management.

With many consumers at home and spending more time online than ever before on social accounts, it’s important to make sure you’re responding to their queries promptly. Let your audience know you’re there for them by replying quickly and with authenticity; it will reinstate trust between a brand and its customer.

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