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Pioneering leadership in the wellness hospitality industry.

Westin Hotels & Resorts recognized an incredible opportunity — to forge a path for hospitality in the wellness space and, of course, to assert itself as the global leader in healthy leisure and business travel. But to disrupt the wellness industry by inserting hospitality into the dialogue, Westin needed a smart, highly strategic plan and creative, effective executions. That’s why it turned to FINN Partners.

Leveraging our deep relationships and know-how in fitness, food, outdoor, and travel, FINN carved a path for leisure and business travelers who prioritize their well-being on the road.


Insert hospitality into the wellness dialogue and make Westin synonymous with health and well-being in travel.




HSMAI Adrian Awards: Best in Show

The Work

First, we trend-jacked key moments in the wellness industry. For example, we stole the “sweatworking” trend (the idea that consumers are networking over a workout or at a juice bar). And for World Sleep Day, we turned FOMO into JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) — an idea rooted in Westin’s prioritization of an exceptional night’s sleep.

We also brought outdoor wellness to the forefront through Westin’s Adventure Concierges, across surf, hiking, run, cycling, golf, tennis, and more.

Second, we launched wellness-based programs and partnerships that catapulted Westin into the news cycle through a lens of well-being. These included a Westin x Peloton partnership that put Peloton bikes in Westins across the country.

Then, we created an upcycling program to transform hotel bed linens into children’s pajamas to be donated to children in need. This program elevated sustainability and giving back into the wellness vernacular, and it led to the collection of 30,000 pounds of linens from 50 hotels in five months — and coverage that included 300+ placements in North America alone.

Westin’s wellness messaging made headlines in Men’s Health, Runner’s World, SELF, Well and Good, Shape, and more, as well as in national news and business outlets including Associated Press, USA Today, Fast Company, Washington Post, AdWeek, AdAge and The New York Times.

The work helped Westin secured over 2 billion UVMs in 2019, and it won the 2019 Best in Show Award at the HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International) Adrian Awards.