OUR WORK the perfume shop

To the Moon and Back.

Tying into Mother’s Day, we orchestrated a stunt to share customers’ love for their Mums ‘To the Moon and Back’, teaming up with a company specialising in sending things into space to ensure the campaign was out of this world.


We were challenged by long-standing client The Perfume Shop to come up with a WOW moment, something totally different from their usual campaigns that would get the brand noticed.




coverage reach


Facebook video reach with 1.7k views, 6 scent squad posts with 4k impressions, 1% Facebook engagement rate


video views on IGTV with 107 engagements


BTS video reach with 0.7% engagement rate, 5% video completion rate (higher that usual of 3.5%)

The Work

The activity focused on an iPad screen travelling to the outer reaches of the earth’s atmosphere to plan customers’ Mother’s Day messages, to create content to be sold into media and shared across The Perfume Shop website and social channels on Mother’s Day.

Customers submitted their video messages to be curated into the main film show in space, while the iPad’s journey was captured in a behind the scenes video for media and social use.