Robert Kelsey

Senior Consultant, Financial Services
+44 20 7377 4993

Professional Experience

My “PR” life has all been through Moorgate and now Finn. I developed the offering at Moorgate Communications based on what I thought my rivals lacked. Hence, we made strong writing central – knowing that marketing, PR and media penetration would all flow from that core skill. This was how we won our clients: strong names such as Deutsche Bank, S&P Global, and Natixis. And how we kept them – some since our inception in 2002. Moorgate developed long-term partnerships that relied on an intimate knowledge of our clients, including their sensitivities. This gave us the ability to generate content in their unique voice. It also meant we were a trusted partner with respect to media outreach, social media, digital content and (more recently) crisis communications. This continues – and grows – under the Finn umbrella.


What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.

- Viktor Frankl

How'd you get here?

Moving from financial journalism into corporate banking is known in the industry as a “gamekeeper turned poacher” move. This I did in 1996 after a post-Uni career in journalism culminating in an editorship at the Euromoney stable of titles. My new banking team was bold and innovative, and deserved wider recognition – something I found myself doing because the inhouse PRs thought the complexity uninteresting. From this was born the idea that complex financial services need advocates capable of telling their story. After a spell in both the London and New York banking markets, I was ready to do my own thing – resulting in Moorgate, a specialist agency based in London that focused on marrying content generation and media penetration. To go global, that specialist approach needed a global home, which Finn provides.

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