Professional Experience

After studying Political Science and a master’s degree in Public and Political Communication, I decided to focus on press relations, which allowed me to fully express my qualities. Before arriving at FINN Partners in May 2020, I had a very rewarding experience in entertainment and TV series at Canal+.

Following this trial in house, I wanted to challenge myself by continuing my professional career in an agency. Going from client to client and from content to content challenges me on a daily basis and motivates me in my work but also in my everyday life.

At FINN Partners, I have the opportunity to be independent and autonomous, and to express myself in two areas that are close to my heart, tech and health. Having the ability to multi-task, as is the case in this agency, is further proof that I did not make a mistake choosing this job.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”

Michael Jordan

How'd you get here?

After travelling a lot, I entered the world of communication during my year in the United States. I had to choose courses related to the humanities and potentially my future Master’s degree and that’s where my desire to do communication was born. During the course of Intercultural Communication, I understood that communication is not only about expressing oneself but also providing emotions and transmitting them by being in action.

Passionate about sport, I did not need more to make the link between these two activities, yet so different but linked by the emotions they can bring in spectators and interlocutors. If at the beginning, I got lost between journalism and communication, I knew that I wanted to do a job that could allow me to transmit knowledge through emotions.

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