Leticia Gomes

Senior Analyst, Global Intelligence

Professional Experience

Leticia is a Senior Analyst in FINN Partner’s London Global Intelligence team, supporting the division with research, data analysis and providing insightful reports to a variety of clients. Leticia has experience in cross-checking data for accuracy and identifying trends shaping the industries, including travel, healthcare, technology, financial services, and consumer brands. Leticia is also engaged with primary and secondary research, working with analytics and measurement platforms with the main focus on B2B marketing and public relations.

Leticia comes from a background in communications with an honours degree in Business and Marketing management and a further course in Digital Marketing at Oxford Saïd Business School, which shaped her digital research and insights expertise. Leticia also holds previous education in Social Sciences and is a native Portuguese speaker, which aids her knowledge of intercultural communication and the identification of diverse clients’ demands.

Articles by Leticia