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FINN Partners Launches Global Recovery Network

August 13, 2020

It has been a challenging few months for millions of people as we come to terms with the “new normal” following the global pandemic, with both individuals and companies across the world having to adapt to a different way of working and living.

Since the travel sector was undoubtedly hit hardest economically during this extraordinary time, we at FINN Partners moved to set up the Global Travel Recovery Network. The network will act as a clinic that enables us to share our cross-practice insights and expertise internationally, helping destinations and brands go beyond recovery and prosper in a post-global-lockdown world.

What The Global Travel Recovery Network Offers

Travel will, of course, return; however, the principles, pace and operations will have been altered — which is why it is more important than ever that destinations, hotels, airlines and tour operators demand a holistic, multi-industry MarCom approach.

For tourism and hospitality to rebuild, brands and destinations must look at travel through the lens of other disciplines to build an integrated offering that will regain consumers’ trust. This type of strategy will help accelerate recovery. It will also allow brands to build resilience initiatives that take into consideration the impact other business sectors have on tourism, emphasizing those that have been at the forefront during COVID-19, such as health, public affairs and technology, to name a few.

That is where the new Global Travel Recovery Network can help. The network has been designed to offer strategic counsel and marketing services to help those in the travel industry achieve COVID-19 recovery and future success through digital travel insights and communications and creative services. Based within FINN’s international Travel & Lifestyle practice, the service features leading experts who can offer guidance during this uncertain period. With more than 800 experts across all sectors available to help, the team includes our own health, digital marketing, technology, sustainability, public affairs and diversity practices, as well as travel industry partners from Jacobs Media Group, Beautiful Destinations and Leading Culture Destinations, ensuring a comprehensive, cross-sector approach.

The network will be led by Debbie Flynn, Managing Partner, Global Travel Practice Lead; Virginia M. Sheridan, Managing Partner, North America Travel; and Cathy Feliciano-Chon, Founder and Managing Director, Asia Travel, with further expertise from our team members across multiple other sectors.

Tourism is one of the most exciting and resilient industries, offering an abundance of possibilities and opportunities. By combining experts from our practices as well as our partners, we will once again see the travel industry we know and love thrive.

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