Professional Experience

I graduated with a BA in Geography from Queen Mary, University of London where I also worked as a student ambassador. During my time at university, I volunteered for the website where I wrote articles on lots of things such as reducing carbon emissions and the reemergence of dormant viruses. After I graduated, I got on a plane and worked as an intern for six months in New York City for the Permanent Mission of Malta to the United Nations where I attended meetings for the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security).

“Even the bravest of us can still be afraid sometimes, so long as we don’t let our fear become all we know.”

TJ Klune

How'd you get here?

After returning to London after spending half a year working in New York, I realised I wanted to do more of what I enjoyed during my time at university like researching and writing. I started looking into careers where I could do this while also being able to try something new where I could learn more which led me to the world of B2B tech PR.

Articles by Jamie