Darren Jones


Professional Experience

I have twenty years of experience in communications, project management, recruitment, training, and sales. I have overseen more than fifty global projects in areas such as vaccines, innovative financing and corporate social responsibility, including communications planning, stakeholder mapping, feasibility and perception studies, qualitative and quotative market research and resource mobilisation. I have worked with a diverse range of clients over his career, including The World Health Organisation, GAVI, Sanofi, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, and British Airways. I utilises the latest technology platforms to enhance the projects and manage cross-cultural divides to ensure the seamless execution of all projects.

How'd you get here?

After spending many years in the recruitment industry,  I decided that a change of career path(s) was needed and joined Newsco Media as a Director of Sales and Operations.  Newsco is a leading independent publisher of business information, providing a portfolio of professional products to a senior audience.  I have worked across various sectors, including Education, Professional, IT, Telecoms, and Commercial.  It wasn’t long before I was head-hunted back into the recruitment industry as a turnaround expert working alongside a small start-up business.  I provided operational and management experience for the company to meet its objectives and move forward to its next growth stage.

Over the last ten years, I worked in communications, mainly in the area of health and has worked with clients such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine(LSHTM), Hewlett Packard, Sanofi, CSL, ViiV, World Health Organization(WHO) and many more.

My areas of expertise include global project management, implementation, operational and regional management, recruitment and training, strategic planning, budgets, P&L control, sales and development, cost analysis, staff development, account management, and client retention.

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