Professional Experience

I’ve worked for a range of financial and professional services businesses over the course of my career, including HSBC, Willis Towers Watson, Bank of America, abrdn, AIG, Openwork, St James Place as well as several leading activist investors and private equity firms.  I’ve developed and led innovative thought leadership campaigns, launched financial services regulations and policies, as well as advising on several M&As, IPOs and de-listings. I also specialise in ESG, corporate governance and sustainability and have advised a range of capital markets clients on UK, European and international best practice as well as guiding prospective listings on how to navigate the increasing regulatory burden.

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Madam C.J. Walker

How'd you get here?

Like most communication professionals, I haven’t followed a linear path and have, over the course of my career, proactively delved into emerging trends, sectors and capabilities to become a more integrated professional. I started my career in British politics, working first for a leading political party and then in the House of Commons for several senior politicians. Leaving parliament in 2010, I ventured into consulting, working first in public affairs for one of Europe’s leading PA consulting firms that specialised in financial services.  After a couple of years, I joined the Financial Reporting Council as Head of Communications and launched in 2012 the UK Corporate Governance Code. Since then, I’ve spent most of my time agency side, specialising in capital markets advisory work as well as advising financial and professional services firms on their approach to external communications. As an ESG, corporate governance and sustainability advisory specialist, I remain committed to ensuring these specialisms are embedded within a company’s consulting offer. The most important thing, for an emerging PR consultant, is to try something new every day. It’s such a varied and interesting industry and it’s why I still love what I do!