Research & Insights

To connect with your key audiences and stakeholders, you must understand them as people. What do they want? What challenges are they facing? And what will motivate them to take certain actions? Which channels do they frequent? We help you find the answers — using different tools and technology to conduct intensive research and transform the data into actionable insights.

research & insights

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Cut through the fog of data.

    Data is the lifeblood of any digital campaign. But it can be a challenge to make sense of all this information. We help you track, measure and analyse information from different data streams in order to derive meaningful insights for decisioning. By bringing everything together into one comprehensive view, we help you connect the dots from different touchpoints in your campaign to analyse its impact on business outcomes.

  • Social Listening

    Keep your ears peeled and eyes open.

    It can be hard to constantly ensure your brand messaging remains effective while keeping up with ever changing trends. We’ll help you to understand the conversations, tonality and the social networks your audience is most likely to be found at. Keeping your ears close to the ground also means that you can gather insights on what your competitors are doing for a competitive edge.

  • Audience Personas

    Achieve brand and customer alignment.

    Want to make sure that your communications resonate with your customers? It begins by identifying who your customers are. Persona mapping is the process of developing customer profiles based on different segments of your target audience to gain a better understanding of their needs, preferences, and behaviors. With these insights, we’ll work with you to create more effective and personalised strategies for building meaningful customer relationships.