Financial Services/FinTech

Moving financial markets with communications.

If you’re looking to make waves in the financial markets, we’re here to help. We are proud to have a growing PR and marketing practice in financial services and investor relations.

We are cued to the pulse of the finance industry so you can stay on top of headlines and remain proactive. Reputational risk, evolving regulations, and looming crises are always on our radar, and you can count on our experienced crisis communications teams to be there the moment they are needed.

FINN Partners Singapore taps on our media and influencer network, with data-driven insights, to deliver financial communications and marketing services that engage audiences, spur desired actions, and elevate our clients from financial organisations to the most sought-after brands in their sectors.

We serve clients across a range of sectors that include:

  • Retail and commercial banking
  • Insurance
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Market intelligence
  • Payments
  • Fintech