Event Communications

Whether you’re an event organiser looking for support or are considering event-based marketing to build engagement for your brand, we have the end-to-end capabilities to support your needs. Physical, virtual, and everything in-between–our team of event experts can help you stay on track and keep your event smooth-sailing.

Event communications

  • Event Promotion

    You’ve got a great show–now flaunt it.

    You’ve put in a lot of effort into organising an event worth attending; let your prospects know. Raise awareness with social advertising, content syndication, account-based management, and more. We’ll provide tailored recommendations on how you can drive sign-ups, be it for a one-off webinar or a multi-day hybrid event.

  • Audience Engagement

    Grab your audience’s attention and don’t let go.

    Great insights are only half the battle won – you need an interesting delivery to leave an impact on your audience. We’ll help you take audience engagement to the next level with presentation training, beautiful slides, and optimised deployment of tools to keep your audience immersed in the experience.

  • Live Streaming and Hybrid Event

    Extend your event reach.

    Not everyone will be able to attend your event in person. Take advantage of our highly connected world to amplify your reach. Pair the use of real-time updates on your website and social media channels with live streaming elements—so that everyone can experience your event wherever they may be.

  • Media Management

    Keep the press on your side.

    Organising an event, and want to show it off to the world? Be it a physical, virtual or hybrid event, we have managed the end-to-end media process for some of the largest conferences and exhibitions in Asia. From strategy to execution, we have the experience and expertise to engage the media, and deliver the stories you deserve.

  • Enriching Event Content

    Keep talking to your audience.

    Blogs, media kits, recap emails, videos – anything your event needs in terms of content support, we can develop. These supporting pieces will keep the spotlight on your event and maximise its impact on your audience.

  • Influencer and Partner Management

    Collaboration convinces.

    Partner up with those in your industry network to raise the profile and credibility of your event. Our experience with partner and third-party influencer management allows us to weave all the different objectives together into a seamless narrative that helps you meet your goals.