AI-Enabled Marketing: The Future is Now

This article was contributed by Joyce Liong, our Senior Partner for Digital & Insights at Finn Partners Singapore.

As a marketer, I’m constantly amazed by the advancements in AI technology and how it has transformed the way we engage with our audiences. Recently, I did a quick poll on LinkedIn to find out what others thought about AI’s impact on the future, and it was interesting to see the responses. It’s clear that AI is on everyone’s minds and for good reasons.

AI has been around for some time but has started to gain more traction in recent times. At first, it was used for simple automation tasks like email marketing and chatbots, but as the technology evolved, it became more sophisticated. Today, AI is used for predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision, leading to higher customer engagement, increased sales, and better customer retention rates. 

The launch of new AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Adobe’s Firefly, and Microsoft’s Co-pilot have created a lot of buzz and excitement. As someone who works in the digital marketing industry, I am excited to explore all the new possibilities and see how we can accelerate innovation to create an entire paradigm shift in the way we work, communicate and engage. And there is no better way than to look at how some global brands are already making that shift:

Coca-Cola’s ‘Create Real Magic’ AI Platform: Revolutionizing Art Creation and Amplifying Brand Engagement

Coca-Cola recently unveiled an AI platform that combines OpenAI’s GPT-4 and DALL-E technologies. Called “Create Real Magic”, the AI platform allows artists to generate art using Coke-branded elements for a chance to be featured on digital billboards in New York City and London. 

Thirty creators will be selected for the Real Magic Creative Academy at Coke’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, where they will co-create content. The campaign showcases Coke’s commitment to testing and scaling AI technology quickly and demonstrates how AI-powered initiatives can be used to extend brand platforms and create memorable moments of human connection.

Louis Vuitton’s AI-Powered Chatbot Offers a Personalized Online Shopping Experience

Louis Vuitton’s Digital Assistant chatbot leverages AI technology to offer customers a more personalized, conversational, and visual online shopping experience via Facebook. With more than 23 million followers on the social media platform, LV’s chatbot, powered by, can suggest ideal products from the brand’s online catalogue, provide information about LV’s world, and help customers with logistical concerns like product care instructions and store locations. The chatbot also lets users share products with friends and get their opinions. By implementing natural language processing into chatbots, businesses like LV are connecting with customers at scale to offer a more natural and conversational experience.

Captain Peter: The AI-powered Chatbot Commandeering Maersk’s Customer Service Experience

Maersk, the global shipping company, implemented an AI-powered customer service chatbot on their website to personalize their customer experience. The chatbot, named Captain Peter, uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer inquiries and provide relevant answers. Captain Peter can help customers with a variety of tasks, such as booking shipments, getting quotes, and tracking their cargo.

Maersk’s chatbot has been a huge success, as it has reduced response times for customer inquiries from hours to seconds. The company has also seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in costs associated with customer service. By leveraging AI, Maersk has been able to provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience, resulting in higher customer retention rates and increased sales.

The Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

As we can see from the examples above, the benefits of using AI in digital marketing are numerous. In a study by McKinsey, they estimated that the potential value unlocked by AI applications is the largest in the marketing and sales function, at a staggering US$2.6 trillion.

Perhaps the most significant benefit is improved personalization at scale. AI-powered tools enable brands to deliver personalized content and messaging to individual consumers, resulting in a more personalized and relevant customer experience.

AI is also used to deliver faster decision-making, enabling brands to respond quickly to changes in customer behaviour and market trends. This can help brands to stay ahead of the curve and drive marketing success.

Additionally, AI can help brands to increase efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks and processes, brands can free up their staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. And even in areas where creativity is the mainstay, such as content or design, AI can help accelerate the generation of ideas and the development process.

Overcoming Challenges in AI Implementation

Despite the many benefits of using AI in digital marketing, there are also some challenges associated with the technology. One of the biggest challenges is data privacy concerns. Brands must ensure that they are collecting, storing, and using customer data in compliance with relevant data privacy regulations.

Another challenge is the need for specialized talent. AI is a complex technology, and brands require skilled professionals to implement and manage it effectively. This can be a challenge, particularly for smaller organizations with limited resources.

Finally, there is the risk of algorithmic bias. AI-powered tools may produce biased results if they are trained on biased data. Brands must take steps to ensure that their AI models are free from bias and are providing fair and unbiased results.

The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

Looking to the future, AI is set to transform digital marketing in the Asia Pacific region even further. As the technology continues to evolve, brands can expect to see even more sophisticated applications of AI in their digital marketing efforts.

At Finn Partners, we understand the power of AI in digital marketing and are committed to helping brands in the Asia Pacific region leverage the technology to drive success. To connect, reach out to me at

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