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At Finn Partners, we leverage our digital, research, and insights capabilities to deliver powerful results for your business. Our insights-driven approach helps us craft bespoke marketing strategies that drive engagement and deliver measurable ROI.

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What we do

  • Social Listening

    Keep your ears peeled and eyes open.

    It can be hard to constantly ensure your brand messaging remains effective while keeping up with ever changing trends. We’ll help you to understand the conversations, tonality and the social networks your audience is most likely to be found at. Keeping your ears close to the ground also means that you can gather insights on what your competitors are doing for a competitive edge.

  • Audience Personas

    Achieve brand and customer alignment.

    Want to make sure that your communications resonate with your customers? It begins by identifying who your customers are. Persona mapping is the process of developing customer profiles based on different segments of your target audience to gain a better understanding of their needs, preferences, and behaviors. With these insights, we’ll work with you to create more effective and personalised strategies for building meaningful customer relationships.

  • Brand Awareness

    Give your brand the limelight.

    Whether it’s getting your name in front of the right audience, shaping perceptions about your brand, maintaining an active digital presence—or all the above—we know how to get the right people to sit up and take notice.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Boost your online presence.

    SEM can improve your online presence by optimising your website and running targeted ad campaigns to increase visibility and boost click-through rates. With careful tracking and analysis, you can make data-driven decisions resulting in increased brand awareness and qualified leads.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Connect. Engage. Influence.

    Social media shouldn’t be hard. You want to reach out to your audience where they are, when they want it. We can help your brand navigate ever-increasing competition, markets, and new developments in content and channels—working with you to articulate and execute a clear social media strategy to tell your brand story.

  • Account-Based Marketing

    Personalise your customer experiences.

    Whether it is one-to-one or one-to-few or one-to-many approaches, we’ve got the blueprint to help you locate, engage and capture the attention of influencers and buyers from your high-value accounts. The right ABM strategy can help make the link between your marketing efforts and your sales activities easier.

  • Performance Marketing

    Optimise your marketing ROI.

    Performance marketing is at the heart of every paid media programme. Our team of experienced digital specialists deliver expertise across search, social, display, programmatic and content syndication platforms, to help move your prospects down the marketing funnel towards conversion. The results? Improved campaign performance and results-oriented business outcomes.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Cut through the fog of data.

    Data is the lifeblood of any digital campaign. But it can be a challenge to make sense of all this information. We help you track, measure and analyse information from different data streams in order to derive meaningful insights for decisioning. By bringing everything together into one comprehensive view, we help you connect the dots from different touchpoints in your campaign to analyse its impact on business outcomes.

  • Website Development

    Digital visibility matters.

    This is where we match your brand identity to the right aesthetic and UX for a good first impression. With our help, not only will your website look sharp, but it’ll also cut through the digital clutter and showcase your brand personality to the people who matter.

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