A picture-perfect pivot.

How the Singapore International Film Festival aced its first ever hybrid debut for Asian cinema.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the international film circuit. Many festivals, including the 31st Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF31), faced uncertainties going forward. With international travel restrictions, delayed releases, and limits on in-person screenings, the notion of long lines and glitzy premieres disappeared. The organisers had to find new ways to stay relevant and attract attendees.

The show must go on—staying true to the tenacious spirit of show business, we helped SIFF31 rewrite the script by pivoting quickly to leverage both online and offline platforms. We developed a robust communications programme to promote their first-ever hybrid festival format with cinema and online film screenings.

Working with SGIFF31, we deepened community interest for local and regional films by engaging loyal festival goers alongside new and younger segments through a mix of online and offline channels. We also partnered with SGIFF31 and provided proactive issue management and strategic counsel throughout the festival.


Introduce the film festival’s first foray into the hybrid space, where films can be enjoyed either in the comforting darkness of the cinema or in the warmth of home.



The Work

“The SGIFF team was incredibly blessed to have FINN Partners Singapore as an amazing extension of the team. We enjoyed a great partnership right from the get-go and immensely appreciated the sound advice and expertise given for the 31st Singapore International Film Festival as we navigated through challenges brought on by the pandemic.

FINN Partners Singapore partnered with us to overcome various challenges of a large-scale event despite the pandemic—their creativity and attention to detail, expertise in traditional and social media outreach, adaptability and dedication to provide excellent execution of work despite a compressed work scope timeline and budget were great aids to a lean organisation like ours. Coupled with strategic counsel and advice in crisis communications and issues management, we truly valued the partnership. It was indeed a pleasure working with them.”

Emily J. Hoe, Executive Director, SGIFF31


pieces of coverage across top tier local and regional media as well as 14 interviews secured in just 2 months


attendees secured within two weeks, across local and regional mainstream and trade publications for the festival’s virtual press conference


increase in followers for Instagram and Facebook through activations