Elena Lim

Vice President

Professional Experience

I have been in marketing and communications the last two decades. The first was spent in various in-house roles across the public and private sectors, including education, events, sports and publishing. Then came a point where I felt there was still so much I had yet to discover about marketing and communications. Also, my innate need to ‘get my hands dirty’ pushed me to take up an agency role and I have not looked back since. With the agency cross over, I discovered my interest in enterprise technology and my passion for integrated campaigns where different pieces come together like a puzzle. At Finn Partners, I work with a committed, high- performing (and fun) team that drives conversations, changes perspective, and builds the brand for our clients.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

How'd you get here?

I have varied interests and am one who enjoys doing new and different things. That is why agency life appeals to me as I can be working with clients and content that are vastly different in a single workday from cybersecurity to logistics to sustainability. At the same time, I value a good work culture. Finn Partners offers all these and more – the team’s original thinking, collective energy and warm collegiality continues to inspire me every day.