From 0 to 1: Establishing Suzano’s Influence in China.

Suzano, one the world’s leading producers of market pulp, enjoys a stellar reputation within its industry. Over the past decade, China has become the largest target market for Suzano’s pulp exports thanks to the booming development of the Chinese paper industry. As the importance of the Chinese market becomes increasingly obvious, Suzano’s business in China has expanded rapidly and there is an urgent need to increase brand awareness and credibility in China.


To facilitate Suzano’s China market expansion strategy, FINN Partners Greater China developed a corporate communication system and strategy.




  • The client’s business is at the center of the transition to a low-carbon economy and is often intertwined with and influenced by policies. Through the policy analysis reports, we help the client identify their key stakeholders and examine the policy processes and content that govern macroeconomics, environment, carbon, energy efficiency and the pulp and paper industry.
  • We help to build up Suzano’s corporate communication in China from scratch and create a comprehensive Suzano Corp Story Bank. The Suzano Corp Story Bank is a compilation of narratives that the team can be quickly referenced for an interview, speech or WeChat article. It is organized into a plethora of topics, from business and products to corporate strategy.

  • During Brazilian President Lula’s visit to China, and his government delegation’s visit to Suzano’s China Innovability Hub, we actively seized the opportunity to amplify Suzano’s voice as a significant leader and bridge between two countries.
  • We leveraged the opportunity of China International Import Expo (CIIE) in 2022 and 2023 to promote Suzano’s commitment and achievements in the areas of sustainability, environmental friendliness and low carbon economy, and achieved extensive and massive media coverage and significant TV exposure on multiple channels (CCTV / CGTN) within a short time window.
  • We supported Suzano in building its own media platform in China, including the official website, from scratch.

The Work

As Suzano’s PR agency, FINN Partners built Suzano’s brand communication system in China from the ground up, and continues to operate it today. In terms of brand content, FINN Partners organized Suzano’s materials related to China’s green and sustainable development, created a comprehensive Story Bank, and helped to design and build Suzano’s official website in China. In terms of media relations, the FINN Partners team helps Suzano to strengthen relationships with the industry media and expand its presence in government, business and regional media. Additionally, we strategically aligned key events in Suzano’s development to reinforce the brand’s image in the media, associating Suzano strongly with innovation, new bio-based fields, and sustainable development.