Establish and Solidify ILOVEMORE’s Leading Brand Positioning in China’s Orthodontic Industry.

To amplify the influence of ILOVEMORE, a global leader in early orthodontic treatments for children in China, ILOVEMORE commissioned FINN Partners Greater China to develop a comprehensive brand strategy and integrated marketing communication plan.


Establish ILOVEMORE as a thought leader and industry pioneer in early orthodontics for children in China while highlighting the brand’s unwavering value and contributions to its audience, the industry, and the nation.



The Work

Since 2021, we have conducted a meticulous 360-degree brand assessment for ILOVEMORE, crafting its Brand DNA in China. This involved creating a comprehensive brand storytelling library, shaping the brand handbook, and developing a year-long communication strategy. Our work also included enhancing media relations, conducting executive interviews, engaging with industry experts, and undertaking in-depth market research to fine-tune marketing strategies and propel sales. In our work with ILOVEMORE, we not only elevated their brand reputation in China, but also bolstered its market share, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner.