Jason Cao

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

I have more than two decades of experience in Corp communication, Technology communication, Crisis management and leadership profiling cross the roles in media, in-house and agencies. Most of my dedication in past focused on strategic communication counselling and navigating the complexity of corporate affairs and issues, as well as serving inbound and outbound communication since I have taken China leadership and Chief communication strategist roles consecutively in renowned international PR firms. I am a big fan of “STORYTELLING” and have developed a series of unique methodology and workshop to empower the brands in various industries including high-tech and B2B, healthcare and pharma, to craft their compelling stories and support their standing-out in China market. My previous client portfolio includes Microsoft, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Texas Instruments, ARM, LinkedIn, Amazon, Bloomberg, KPMG, Bayer, Merck, Takeda, Syngenta, Lenovo, ZTE mobile, etc.

Companies that can’t tell stories won’t get coverage, worthy though they may be.

- Alan Cane, Financial Times

How'd you get here

I started my career from the most influential China technology media, during which I have been deeply impressed by the power and beauty of crafting business stories by working with the most inspirational and senior journalists and editors of the golden generation of latest China publication industry. That laid the foundation of my storytelling realm at very earlier stage, subsequently I had a chance to work in renowned global agencies which gave me comprehensive international horizons, access to different culture and language worlds, and strong business sense and skillsets, eventually all of these have empowered me to become a dedicated business communication driver and connector to bridge China and West throughout my entire career. Additionally, my entrepreneurship experience in the past has also equipped me with strong business development network and skillset of resource management. I enjoy creating stuffs, making difference and my nickname “China business engine” in the market by broadly recognized passion and can-do in this market. Excited to drive FINN’s China footprint with a group of great people!