Catherine Feliciano Chon

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

A marketing communications expert, Cathy has a long track record in transforming, building and creating brands. Originally from Los Angeles where her career included leadership roles in a number of luxury and retail brands, Cathy moved to Hong Kong in 1997 and founded CatchOn, which joined the FINN Partners family in 2018. Recognized for her keen insights on the Asian consumer and emerging trends, Cathy is widely published and quoted in publications and is a sought-after speaker at international conferences.

No capes!

- Edna Mode

How'd you get here

I have over 30 years’ experience, with the first half of it on the client side in Los Angeles. It was a move to Hong Kong in 1997 as a ‘trailing wife’ that inspired me to start my own practice. I realized that my combination of skills, experience and East/West background gave me an edge at a time when Asia was rising as an economic powerhouse. So I founded CatchOn  in 2001 as a hybrid brand communications and PR consultancy.