Professional Experience

I began my career in journalism, eventually specialising in City business, trade news, banking, current affairs, and politics. My work was recognised through multiple accolades, including being named an industry ‘Leader of the Future’ and ranking among the ‘30 Under 30’. After several years, I made the transition to PR and marketing, honing my skills in-house at a global business bank. I joined the Financial Services team at FINN Partners in 2021, where I manage accounts for banking, trade finance, and insurance clients. I hold a BA in Literature and Film from the University of Warwick.

To be a legend is easy. To become that legend takes hard work and dedication.

Tyson Fury

How'd you get here?

I used to work for a client of FINN Partners before hopping over to the other side. I saw the great work produced by the Financial Services team and knew I wanted to be part of it.

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