Westcon is one of the world’s largest distributors of information technology infrastructure and solutions. A truly global brand, Westcon has over 60 offices across six continents and supports customers in over 170 countries.

But for years the company was hindered by a lack of a clear, unifying web strategy. Westcon asked HORN to build a completely new web infrastructure and content management system.

Creating a custom solution, however, meant overcoming several distinct challenges:

Westcon’s sheer size made it impractical – and incredibly expensive – to build a new site for each office and sub-brand.  Without a centralized CMS, each site had to be updated manually, one-by-one, any time Westcon wanted to update content or introduce a new product.

With so many products and offices, Westcon’s teams often overlapped, even competing at times for the same customers. The new web solution needed to account for the needs of each team plus for Westcon’s international market, while also providing standardized reporting.

HORN’s Interactive experts custom built an innovative web solution completely in-house, featuring:

All of Westcon’s brands into one online corporate identity – standardizing design, site structure messaging through easy-to-use templates – resulting in a seamless customer experience across all countries, offices and sub-brands.

A proprietary content management system made creating new sites – and updating all of Westcon’s online properties – as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. Best of all, this new platform was configured to accommodate multiple languages and reduced the cost of expanding into a new region or market with a new site by 90% each time.

  • A centralized dashboard streamlined reporting and allowed key stakeholders to roll out new features and share content across all sites in near real-time.
  • Hosted completely in the cloud, HORN’s web solution was also load-balanced, ensuring traffic was distributed evenly to maintain high availability and performance.

HORN’s custom web infrastructure and content management system gave Westcon the online tools needed to become a global leader. Uniquely configured to match Westcon’s massive scale, the new solution seamlessly manages:

  • 80 individual sites and 569 hosted domains in 14 languages
  • 82,000+ user accounts from 131 countries
  • 60,000+ content pages
  • 8,200+ pageviews/day
  • 365 vendors

Most importantly, this agile-yet-powerful platform specifically combated Westcon’s core business problems, enabling the company to grow and operate at the speed of the web.


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