In 1867, the Morgantown Weekly Post wrote that "a place more eligible for the quiet and successful pursuit of science and literature is nowhere to be found” about WVU. Nearly 150 years later, WVU is now an important research university and one of the largest land grant colleges in the United States. Finn Partners has worked with WVU to effectively position the university in a positive national and international context to bring additional recognition, funding, faculty, students and notoriety to the school and its programs. Qualitative and quantitative research has been a critical part of this engagement.

We have highlighted the University’s areas of excellence including health sciences, energy, forensics, public health, neuroscience and its land grant status, through an aggressive media outreach campaign. We assembled a “rapid response” team to tie the University into trending stories ranging from the national childhood obesity epidemic to the Sago coal mine tragedy. And as a result, WVU and many of its divisions have been featured on virtually every major news outlet in the country, including CNN, Good Morning America, The New York Times, World News Tonight, ESPN, CBS Morning and numerous regional and local outlets. One specific project involved a highly acclaimed WVU neuroscientist. Our efforts garnered national media exposure regarding concussions among athletes. In addition, we worked with one of the major colleges within WVU to elevate its US News & World Report ranking.



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