Enterprise social networking has become a fiercely competitive space, with the likes of Yammer, Salesforce.com’s Chattr and Jive vying for market share. But in late 2010, an unusual suspect arrived on the scene – TIBCO. Already an industry darling in the software infrastructure space, TIBCO came to HORN as it prepared to expand into an entirely new category with tibbr, its new enterprise social networking solution.

Executing a successful launch, however, meant overcoming the following challenges:

  • Already packed with competitors, the enterprise social networking category seemingly offered little room for a new player.
  • Messaging didn’t just need to differentiate tibbr; it also needed to capture and build upon TIBCO’s already established reputation as a leading tech innovator.

HORN crafted a comprehensive digital communications campaign that:

  • HORN targeted messaging towards end users – along with consumer technology and business media
  • A “show, not tell” approach – including user panels and media briefings with interviews from customers and TIBCO executives alike – gave tibbr’s key differentiators a personal touch that targets could relate to.
  • Tapped the industry’s leading minds – including Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang – to create a truly best-in-class marketing and communications launch strategy.

The team also spearheaded an exclusive launch event in San Francisco, managing everything from timing and location to agenda and guest list. To maximize the event’s impact, HORN:

  • Drafted individualized media pitches, press releases and alerts, securing numerous pre-event briefings with journalists and continued coverage post-launch.
  • Secure buy-in from prominent analystsincluding Altimeter Group founder Charlene Li and industry commentator Dennis Howlett.
  • Arranged briefings and interactive panels between media, executives and customers.
  • Developed a comprehensive social media strategy, including tactics, timeline and content creation, that drove awareness and momentum before, during and after the launch.

HORN's targeted messaging and event strategy help successfully launch tibbr, raising TIBCO’s profile as an innovator and securing significant mindshare. Notable results included:

  • 35+ unique, positive and in-depth features in top-tier publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, IDG News Service, GigaOM, and ReadWriteWeb.
  • 16 media interviews leading up to the launch event, along with 8 influential media members attending the launch in person (and more participating via live stream).
  • An explosive Twitter presence, including 1600+ tweets discussing tibbr and its strengths.

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