They’re everywhere online – CAPTCHA ads, those hard-to-decipher lines you have to retype to prove you’re human. But they’re also notoriously hard to crack. That’s why Solve Media pioneered a new type of CAPTCHA, one that replaces squiggly lines and letters with branded messages. But that’s not all Solve Media is about. So, in 2010, the company engaged HORN to help tell their whole story and position the brand as an industry leader.

Specific challenges included:

  • Expand Brand Perception. More than just a one-trick pony, messaging needed to communicate Solve’s entire suite of digital marketing solutions, not just its CAPTCHA expertise.
  • Support Messaging with Data. Display ads come in nearly every shape and size, making comparisons difficult. The team needed to discover the metrics that would clearly show Solve’s superiority – ones understood by media and prospects alike.
  • Break Through the Clutter. Solve needed to stand out in a meaningful way, differentiated in its ability to think beyond the industry and deliver solutions for marketers everywhere.

HORN crafted a comprehensive digital communications campaign that:

  • Secured Regular Coverage. The team flooded key publications with fresh, valuable content – including exclusives on unannounced products and case studies – to keep Solve top of mind.
  • Showcased Solve’s Personality. Campaigns played up Solve’s hip persona while focusing on how the company solved everyday problems. Two popular creations: “You’re More Likely to Survive A Plane Crash Than Click On A Banner Ad” and “19 Awkward and Hilarious CAPTCHAs,” both of which earned widespread industry attention.
  • Uncovered Winning Metrics. Exhaustive analysis identified the data that best captured the effectiveness of Solve’s solutions. These metrics then formed the basis for an extensive media push that highlighted Solve’s performance in side-by-side comparisons with other advertisers.
  • Expanded Thought-Leadership. The team positioned Solve Media – and CEO Ari Jacoby – as go-to experts in online advertising through numerous bylines and contributed content.

HORN's strategic communications successfully pushed Solve Media to the front of the online advertising industry, driving awareness amongst influencers and prospects. Highlights included:

  • Featured media coverage in top-tier publications, including USA Today, Advertising Age, AdWeek, Crain’s, MediaPost, TechCrunch and Mashable.
  • Prime speaking opportunities, including sessions at Digital Hollywood, OMMA Global and Internet Week.
  • A dominant online presence, including 18,000+ pageviews, 300+ retweets and 50+ LinkedIn shares from just one CAPTCHA-focused slideshow on Business Insider alone.

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