ServiceNow is a leading provider of cloud-based services to automate enterprise IT operations. In June 2012, the company found itself in the spotlight as it prepared to become the first tech IPO after Facebook.

A backlash of negative press surrounding Facebook's IPO had left investors wary of the tech industry. An already volatile IPO market, along with a struggling global economy, only added to investors' concerns.

HORN placed stories in the tech trades, positioning ServiceNow as an industry leader in SaaS, cloud computing and IT consumerization. Business press later used this foundation as they covered the IPO.

With extensive analysis of Facebook's IPO coverage, HORN identified roadblocks and pinpointed story angles that would resonate in the media press.

HORN positioned ServiceNow's IPO as the anti-Facebook story, emphasizing enterprise tech as the most solid investment in the tech space, with a proven track record of results and a sustainable business model. HORN delivered extensive press coverage that helped ServiceNow combat the challenge of being the first tech IPO after Facebook.

HORN's PR efforts generated over 40 positive feature articles in outlets including: The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, Bloomberg West and CBS MoneyWatch. Headlines such as "ServiceNow Rescues the IPO Market After Facebook," "ServiceNow Finds Smooth IPO Sailing After Facebook," and "ServiceNow's Cloud Offering Hits Pay Dirt At Big Banks" clearly indicated that HORN's positioning in the media stuck with reporters and resulted in positive brand awareness for the company and a successful IPO.


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