Its sector does not get much attention so in order to increase awareness of the company and its category, we created a CPM index that outlines how online ad prices are performing industry-wide.

  • Parse the data to identify angles fit for different audiences among publishers, advertisers and intermediaries like ad networks
  • Brand the index and repeat it every quarter to create a benchmark for media and the industry at large
  • Create report around the data to give media more resources for reporting
  • Meet with media in-person in San Francisco and New York to establish PubMatic’s credibility and build CEO/media relationships
  • Weigh-in on related online advertising topics in business with writers and reporters

In the week of PubMatic’s Q3 AdPrice Index in 2008, it was one of the highest trending topics on Techmeme, an online aggregator of technology news. The index garnered coverage in top tier media such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Advertising Age and others. The PR team leveraged the attention to open doors with new media contacts to discuss the core business and the need for publishers to use PubMatic’s technology to manage revenue. From 2008 to 2010, PubMatic and its CEO were regularly featured and mentioned in media such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Advertising Age, Mediaweek, AllThingsD, MediaPost, DM News, and many others.


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