Listen in on almost any cocktail lounge conversation these days, and at some point you’ll hear a vigorous debate on which flavored vodka is the best. Fruit-flavored, vegetable-flavored; there’s even one infused with grass. Looking to stand out in this crowded field, Pinnacle Vodka tasked Finn Partners to help drive consumer interest and sales around its newest flavored vodka via a cost-effective media campaign. Pinnacle ® Pumpkin Pie Vodka automatically invokes feelings of crackling fireplaces and chilly nights, so the Agency took a seasonal approach in creating a 360 degree two-phase media relations program targeting A-list media within key verticals.

Ahead of the season, we delivered creative media mailers to 50 top consumer editors across the U.S. featuring custom cocktail recipes specific to holidays including National Vodka Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Supported by news releases announcing limited-time offers, we also created thought leadership opportunities around the growing trend of pumpkin-flavored products.

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