ParkatmyHouse is an online marketplace with a simple mission: connect homeowners with extra space – a driveway, a spare lot, etc. – with drivers who need a place to park. Successful in London, ParkatmyHouse launched its service in three key US markets: New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

The company needed its launch to be an immediate success with extensive earned media coverage. However, the company was completely new to the country, with zero existing brand awareness and little knowledge of how to operate in the US marketplace. Moreover, a limited budget meant the HORN team needed to deliver big results without spending big bucks.

HORN responded with an aggressive media relations campaign, broken into three tiers local, national, digital  designed to maximize exposure at minimal cost.

The team targeted local print / radio / TV media in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C., highlighting ParkatmyHouse’s unique story to help increase its parking inventory.The national media campaign focused on creating brand recognition and buzz amongst top-tier media regarding ParkatmyHouse’s unique offering.The team blanketed key influencers and online publications in the tech and consumer sectors to drive awareness and plant the seed for ParkatmyHouse’s future expansion.

HORN’s PR efforts smashed all expectations, most notably securing a feature segment on NBC’s TODAY Show – America’s most-watched morning program.

Overall, the HORN team delivered over 170 earned media articles about ParkatmyHouse in just three months, including placements and segments in top-tier targets across all channels:

  • Print: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Washington Examiner
  • Broadcast: ABC News (national), WNBC New York, Good Day New York, NBC Boston, ABC 7 DC, NBC 4 DC
  • Digital: MSNBC, Fast Company, All Things D, Betabeat, Business Insider, The Consumerist
  • Radio: 20+ national features

Most importantly, HORN successfully launched the ParkatmyHouse brand in a powerful way, firmly establishing the company’s US roots and positioning it for future growth.


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